The Cultivate process was developed with the vision of creating human-centered branding rooted in the principles of nature.

The interview is a mind-clearing, truth-revealing experience, addressing key questions to get to the heart of a project, business, or opportunity. Questions like, 'Why do you exist? If you ceased to exist, what would be affected? What makes you unique? Are you positively disrupting the staus quo? Are you inspiring curiosity?'


The time spent in this session will have you thinking about your brand with a fresh perspective. We guide you through a conversation to take in your intuitive ideas and vision for your business, later to hold it under our shameless microscope to define your key value proposition—defining that line between you and your future, and how people engage with you along the way.



○ Two-hour interview with pivotal questions to transform and grow your business.

○ Three-page brief outlining your brand opportunity, business strategy, a communications roadmap, and an actionable plan to move forward immediately.

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(Cost is applied to any Thrive Sessions moving forward)